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Double Fine at PAX 2015

PAX Prime is upon us! We’ll be there in our usual spot, and we’re very much looking forward to seeing you all once again! As usual, we have lots of fun things for Double Fans to get involved with….

Yoo-hoo, Mr Tentacle guy…

Collect both of these special edition Day of the Tentacle posters, and get them signed by Tim!

Green Tentacle will be available at the PlayStation booth Friday 2pm and Sunday 2pm
Purple Tentacle will be available from our booth Saturday 2pm and Sunday 11:30am.

Double Fine Shop

Along with our official Pinny Arcade pins (see the news story before this one) we’ll be bringing a whole host of merchandise to the show with us - art books, vinyls, figurines, shirts etc. We’ll have quite a few new items this year, including some new Two Headed Baby shirts, and shirts from our new unannounced game, exciting!

Double Fine Presents

Come by the booth to play two of our Double Fine Presents games, and chat to their creators.
Stare into the many monster faces of Gnog, and enter into a Gang Beasts Tournament, with some new never-seen-before content.

A Most Excellent Fan Meetup!

Sunday night is party night, and you’re all invited!
We’ll be showing off our new game there live, plus our Double Fine presents games will be playable on the big screen - Get cerebral with colourful, monster puzzler Gnog and join an 8 player free-for-all Gang Beasts showdown, whilst one of the game’s composers, Doseone, plays some live music!

Check out the flier below, join the Facebook event page, and see you there!

08/25/2015 - 06:34 PM
08/25/15 - 11:00 PM

"I'm freaking out. I need a green tentacle poster signed by Tim Schafer so bad. I have no idea what to do except to sell my macbook for a ticket to PAX. Can I please give you any amount of money for this poster. Which is preferably an amount less than my macbook cost."
08/27/15 - 06:09 AM

"Love those tentacle posters! There's no way I can get to PAX but I hope it goes well for you all! Anyway, good news about more stuff coming into the shop soon, I'll keep an eye out for DOTT stuff, any whatever this new game may be. Looking forward to finding out more about that!"
09/02/15 - 05:37 AM

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