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Tasha - #378
09/09/11 - 01:36 PM
hey everyone. so yeah, this is my last comic on the DF site. :C i will still be doing comics on my own site "tasha's quest log", in fact... there is already a comic up there right now as we speak! also you can still follow me on twitter @tashascomic thanks so much to all of you for reading and keep in touch!
09/09/11 - 03:09 PM
"We'll miss you :c good luck in your future endeavors!"
09/09/11 - 09:01 PM
Acefox :
"Sad to hear you're leaving DF, Tash, but happy for you that you're heading back over to Pixar! Ooh! Tell them to make The Incredibles 2 already!"
09/09/11 - 11:52 PM
":( sad but happy for you at the same time, good luck! Ratatouille 2 please!!"
09/10/11 - 11:15 AM
"So, does this mean no more costume quest? D:"
09/15/11 - 09:33 AM
"waah, the way my company filters web pages makes none of the graphics on the new site load.."
09/22/11 - 05:28 PM
"Not with a bang, but with a shuffle."
09/29/11 - 09:05 PM
Tim Schafer:
10/14/11 - 09:35 PM
that guy:
"Tasha I am disappoint"
12/02/11 - 11:03 AM
"Everybody's shufflin'"
12/07/11 - 07:06 PM
01/01/13 - 06:34 AM
"I wish there would be more of this."
01/01/13 - 06:02 PM
"Congrats on the news about having a baby."
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