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Dirt Nap - #96
08/04/10 - 03:29 AM
DF Gabe Cinquepalmi:
If you'd like to recall what she is recalling, reacquaint yourself with #60 and #72-74.
08/04/10 - 06:42 PM
simon freak:
08/04/10 - 06:51 PM
"Man, that woman is pretty terrible at sniping. If you're going to threaten someone with a sniper rifle, you need to go at least a few hundred feet away and then point the gun at the target."
08/04/10 - 06:52 PM
"Meters, I mean. Lousy American units of measurement, haha."
08/06/10 - 07:03 PM
simon freak:
"sniper rifIle?"
08/07/10 - 02:35 PM
"She just lost all her credibillity as a sniper by mispronouncing "rifle"."
08/09/10 - 05:48 AM
"To say nothing of how she holds it, she is gonna dislocate her elbow if she fires like that."
08/09/10 - 01:06 PM
DF Gabe Cinquepalmi:
"You guys are the best editors! I guess I'm not as sharp at 1:30AM..."
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