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Dirt Nap - #92
07/13/10 - 12:39 AM
DF Gabe Cinquepalmi:
I hope this comic finds you well.
07/13/10 - 03:41 AM
"This comic was very hip. I see that RIP still has blood upon his lip. How long will it drip? And is he a fan of Robert Fripp?"
07/13/10 - 09:31 PM
"hey Gabe, i hate to be "that guy" but i think you forgot the shading on Doe in the third panel..."
07/13/10 - 10:22 PM
Chief Wakamakamu:
"Benny, I'm sure it was an artistic decision."
07/14/10 - 12:34 AM
"Maby the close-up just had better lighting?"
07/14/10 - 03:03 AM
DF Gabe Cinquepalmi:
"Guys, it's there. You just have to look very closely."
07/15/10 - 09:40 PM
Chief Wakamakamu:
"Oh wow! It's clear as day! How could I have missed it before?"
07/16/10 - 08:11 AM
"But the rhyming is still there."
07/18/10 - 06:41 AM
"I love how chill Rip is."
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