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Dirt Nap - #73
05/04/10 - 03:00 AM
DF Gabe Cinquepalmi:
If you guys don't remember Officer Walker, he appeared in the Prologue starting from #23...
05/04/10 - 01:13 PM
"Ahhh I remember him! That is SO true about the horrible footage they show over and over and over again. "In case you weren't there to be forever scarred in person, here you go! Only on News First!""
05/04/10 - 03:40 PM
"Oh wow! It's Officer Walker. PETA's going to be really angry at the news of the death of the senator. Sniper better watch his back."
05/04/10 - 03:56 PM
"When I was your age we only had one button on the remote!"
05/05/10 - 04:21 PM
"i love you all!! especially gabe miller!!! i LOVE u!! <3"
05/05/10 - 04:24 PM
dragons 56:
"officer walker is back!! WOOP WOOP!!"
05/05/10 - 04:24 PM
dragons 56:
"Gabe miller is the best comic maker ever!! all his comics should be put into a book."
05/06/10 - 04:13 AM
DF Gabe Cinquepalmi:
"Jeez, guys... Your loving hyperbole is the best!"
05/06/10 - 06:36 AM
Chief Wakamakamu:
"For some reason, they remind me of Clem and Crystal."
05/06/10 - 04:38 PM
dragons 56:
"@gabe m: what are you talking about? i don't understand hyperbole. i am only a 14 year old kid! and what do you mean by that? not tryin to sound mean or anything."
05/06/10 - 04:40 PM
dragons 56:
"@chiefwakamakamu: what are you talking about? clem and crystal? i thought it was bonnie and clyde."
05/06/10 - 04:43 PM
dragons 56:
"@gabem: what i said made no sense after i read it. what does that mean? your "jeez guys...your loving hyperbole is the best!" what the heck does that mean? i just dont understand... (maybe that's why i failed.)"
05/06/10 - 11:46 PM
DF Gabe Cinquepalmi:
"@dragons56: just saying that i appreciate the awesome comments! ;)"
05/07/10 - 01:53 PM
"A Hyperbole is a rethorical exaguration, like saying that you think something is more awesome than you think it is, even though you still think it is awesome, for emphasis. Comes of the greek Hyperballo."
05/07/10 - 01:55 PM
"@Gabe M'best comic maker ever' might be a hyperbole but you should totally book this!"
05/07/10 - 01:57 PM
"@dragons 56: you should check out psychonauts, its not actually that bad a game."
05/10/10 - 04:51 PM
dragons 56:
"oh. @gabe m: oh. didnt mean to blow up on you. just got frustrated after a really long day in school. sorry. @mullahgrrl: i will. plus i know what a hyperbole is. (at least now i do.)"
05/10/10 - 07:03 PM
"@dragons 56: And knowing is half the battle!"
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