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Dirt Nap - #65
04/07/10 - 02:06 AM
DF Gabe Cinquepalmi:
Thanks to everyone who stopped by at Wondercon! You all have such a discerning taste for quality and are so well groomed! You know who you are. Like you, for instance.

Starting with #64 until further notice, please read while imagining your favorite montage song.
04/07/10 - 02:01 PM
"For the sake of injecting Brütal Legend's heavy metal vibe into the comic, I'll reread this montage scene to the sounds of Rainbow's "A Light in the Black""
04/08/10 - 05:50 PM
"Thats what she said."
04/09/10 - 12:58 AM
"i think i'll go with some slayer HaHa."
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