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Dirt Nap - #51
02/17/10 - 02:37 AM
DF Gabe Cinquepalmi:
I went back and tweaked the look of sniper lady... in case you thought it was a different character. :^) Hope you all had a great President's day weekend!
02/17/10 - 12:15 PM
"Whoa! Another potential romance angle?"
02/18/10 - 05:39 PM
"New sniper lady is better she doesn't look so evil now!"
02/18/10 - 05:54 PM
"Love the facial expression change in the last panel."
02/18/10 - 09:04 PM
"You would think that the tattoo would rot off with the skin."
02/19/10 - 12:13 AM
DF Gabe Cinquepalmi:
"@psycho-aaron: each zombie has had a different period of rot. maybe i'll get into that a little later..."
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