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Dirt Nap - #48
02/04/10 - 01:35 AM
DF Gabe Cinquepalmi:
This is what happens when you interrupt an Agent Ross transaction. On a good day.
02/04/10 - 03:52 AM
Chief Wakamakamu:
"You know, I'm starting to expect that any new zombie introduced will die a few pages later."
02/04/10 - 06:34 AM
"Get in the car John. Quick!!!"
02/04/10 - 09:42 AM
"@Cheif, well, it is a fairly standard trope for zombies. These new zombies are throwing themselves onto the tropular sword so the narrative of John Doe can continue unabated!"
02/04/10 - 12:20 PM
"yeah, usually when one or two zombies come across a well-trained man with a gun, their fate is pretty much sealed. It isn't until you get proper horde status that the odds change in favor of the zombies."
02/08/10 - 07:44 AM
"kill the zombies by shooting them in the head. They can't eat you if you make them dead. Shoot the zombies, shoot the zombies, shoot the zombies. :B"
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