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Dirt Nap - #46
01/28/10 - 01:52 AM
DF Gabe Cinquepalmi:
Peanut butter was integral in the completion of this comic.
01/28/10 - 06:25 AM
"So.Not Ron after all..."
01/28/10 - 10:28 AM
"So close to answers and they get snatched away like this! Also, I dig those orange hats. I need to get one."
01/29/10 - 12:19 AM
"But wait... If the suit is here, who's the sniper........ :O"
01/29/10 - 12:42 PM
Chief Wakamakamu:
"probably the cop?"
01/30/10 - 12:48 AM
"I just noticed Joe and Ross sort of have the same undershirt/shirt and tie. COINCIDENCE??? 8U"
01/30/10 - 07:27 AM
"Why do I have the feeling this sniper is the descendant of the well known australian dundee from TF2?"
02/01/10 - 09:36 PM
"@Monodi Im guessing cause of the jaw."
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