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Dirt Nap - #44
01/21/10 - 01:03 AM
DF Gabe Cinquepalmi:
I feel that I am getting better at drawing lasers with each comic. I am especially proud of the one in panel two. Any snipers out there? I'm sure you'll get the inside joke from the obviously recognizable brand and year of the source laser sight. Non-snipers, you will have to trust that it is HILARIOUS. Also, sorry if you didn't get the other 2 inside jokes targeted at snipers...I can't pander to all audiences. Ask one of your sniper friends.
01/21/10 - 06:05 PM
sgt Fujin Vinson:
"Nooooooo, Sanchez!"
01/21/10 - 07:08 PM
"I thought that only head shots worked on zombies. weird..."
01/21/10 - 07:32 PM
DF Gabe Cinquepalmi:
"@Lakemonster: Body shots can at least knock them down (and I don't mean the kind that you get at a bar)."
01/22/10 - 10:43 PM
"That's a sniper bullet. Their magically stronger and can easily knock back a zombie to the ground."
01/24/10 - 03:16 PM
"Draw faster! The suspense is killing me!"
01/24/10 - 04:13 PM
"@Gabe M. you obviously havent seen shaun of the dead then. Also, awesome lasers, makes this comic feel so much more advanced!"
01/24/10 - 08:33 PM
DF Gabe Cinquepalmi:
"@Mullahgrrl: I've seen SotD many times. To which scene are you referring? @abdul: I'm drawing! I've got some character designs that I'm trying to get just right before I commit to them. Tuesdays and Thursdays are guaranteed btw. ;)"
01/30/10 - 10:18 PM
"@the one where the zombies get body shots in a bar!"
01/30/10 - 10:19 PM
"Sorry, that was supposed to be @ Gabe M."
01/30/10 - 10:20 PM
"Or maby they get body shot?"
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