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Dirt Nap - #40
01/08/10 - 04:13 AM
DF Gabe Cinquepalmi:
The first Dirt Nap panel in slow motion! I titled this comic after this guy's geek shirt in the archives (if you can't make it out).
01/26/10 - 03:09 AM
The great bald beagle:
"No comments on this one? Thought this was the best set of the series! Readers are bias. Don't let them make you draw Zombies only. Fight the system, Gabe M and Smack M."
04/25/10 - 09:34 PM
"I thought the urinating was quite appropriate. Props to you, friend."
09/30/10 - 10:16 PM
"I want a poster of frame 3"
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