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Dirt Nap - #188
10/01/12 - 03:39 PM
"Well, at least the Dow Jones went up."
10/01/12 - 10:39 PM
"You mean he's publically famous? You'd think that would compromise his line of work, but I guess not."
10/02/12 - 08:35 PM
DF Gabe Cinquepalmi:
"@epic: a glass is half full guy. @acefox: Storied within the FIA, revealed on the news... although I've noticed that once snipers get to ridic levels of kills, they become infamous."
10/04/12 - 05:10 PM
"Queen Elizabeth sideboob"
10/05/12 - 01:02 AM
"@Gabe: I see- sort of like Keyser Söze I guess. Initially, I got the impression that Ross was featured in a sniper themed calendar or something. @CGOC: links?"
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