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Dirt Nap - #183
07/09/12 - 11:53 AM
DF Gabe Cinquepalmi:
My computer is back from the dead! So, here's a comic at long last. Also the title of this comic is a reference to this awesome game.
07/09/12 - 05:45 PM
"Please don't have the story take any of these directions: A) Ellie gets the message, but it's written in Zombie language. B) Ellie gets the message, but she goes "Jon Doe is that supposed to be?" C) Jon is somehow hindered in sending the message."
07/10/12 - 02:34 AM
"Please have the story take ALL three directions that Howlstone suggested :) He won't be telling you what to do next time..."
07/10/12 - 05:31 PM
"I love typing of the dead! Been years since i played it tho. Your comics make me go lol"
07/13/12 - 01:56 AM
"Typing of the Dead sounds hilarious! I can't believe someone came up with that. Why hasn't anyone made Dancing with the Dead like Dance Dance Revolution but with zombies a la Thriller."
07/13/12 - 09:28 AM
"Kirill, lol :) I'm just saying that Dirt Nap has been so awesome up until now, and I hope that continues. The best part about this story, to me, is how unpredictable it is."
07/14/12 - 01:05 PM
DF Gabe Cinquepalmi:
"@Voodooall/Howlstone/Kirill: Thanks! (for various reasons) @Acefox: Don't give your amazing game design ideas away for free!"
07/16/12 - 12:16 AM
"@Gabe: Thanks for the vote of confidence! Hey, Konami: Patent Pending."
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