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Dirt Nap - #122
12/02/10 - 04:32 AM
DF Gabe Cinquepalmi:
End of Part 3! Part 4 starts next week... "The Business Plan"
12/02/10 - 11:49 PM
"OK, whoever said zombie sweatshop gets a cookie. I wonder what detergent they use to get rid of the blood/brain stains?"
12/03/10 - 12:42 AM
"Could this perhaps be considered....ethically acceptable? These sweatshop workers ARE the walking dead after all."
12/03/10 - 01:19 AM
Acefox :
"@DeltaZX - I guess I get a cookie. Though these zombies don't seem to mind their job. @Gabe M - awesome picture! This is what I imagine the offices of Hallmark to look like."
12/03/10 - 01:43 AM
DF Gabe Cinquepalmi:
"@acefox: Thanks! Nice guesswork!"
12/03/10 - 06:53 PM
"Oh My Gawsh. It's even worse than I thought it would be!"
12/03/10 - 06:55 PM
"@acefox Holy Crap Dude! How did you manage to pull that guess off!? (I would have just thought you were kidding,but I saw your last post.)"
12/04/10 - 12:44 AM
Acefox :
"@cameron157 - well, I have a lot in common with zombies so it was a natural hunch."
12/04/10 - 11:43 AM
"@acefox - So you have a strange yearning to sew together cheap singlets for a totally evil guy who made you into a zombie in the first place? I mean SERIOUSLY, CHEAP SINGLETS!!! You can't get more evil than that."
12/08/10 - 09:36 AM
"Wasn't this the original purpouse of zombies?"
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